Exciting (and cute) Additions to the Janus Family!

Posted by Julie Jones on Oct 11, 2017

UPDATE: Check out our ChickFlick for the latest on our growing chicks!


Today was the day! After much anticipation, we were finally able to welcome four baby chicks into the world, with several more on the way. For days we have heard faint chirps and eagerly watched through the glass of our incubator as small cracks in the eggshells grew larger and larger. Some even got to experience the baby chick's very first moments as it finally broke through its temporary home and into the real world. How exciting!

Through a partnership with Purdue University's Hamilton County Chicken Embryology Program, we have had the opportunity to watch the amazing process from motionless eggs in an incubator, to fuzzy and energetic baby chicks for the second year in a row. The chicks have had quite the star treatment today as visitors trickled in and out all morning long. Welcome home!