Aktion Club Makes Positive Impact on Community

Posted by Julie Jones on May 25, 2018

The Janus Aktion Club is busy finding creative ways to make a positive impact on our community! Led by those with disabilities in chapters nationwide, Aktion Club is dedicated to utilizing the unique talents, passions and ideas of its members to give to those in need. We seek to create a team-minded atmosphere that fosters leadership development and responsibility among our members.

Here at Janus, the Aktion Club is currently supporting two new projects: Changing Footprints and Operation Christmas Child. Through Changing Footprints, Aktion Club has had the opportunity to host a shoe drive. With the shoes that are donated, Changing Footprints will take those donations and give them to individuals in need, such as the homeless, underpriveliged or those affected by a disaster. Even shoes that are too worn to be given out are put to use. The shoes are repurposed and recycled for other purposes, and do not end up in a landfill!

We are also beginning our collection for Operation Christmas Child. This program enables our Aktion Club to collect an array of items such as toys, hygiene items, school supplies and more to send to children in need.

Our Aktion Club is excited to continue these two projects and keep thinking of more ways to serve our community!