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At a recent award’s banquet, the Community Employment Program honored an individual who had been employed at their job for over twenty years!

Community Employment

The Community Employment Program smooths the transition from student to adult employment life.  Hand in hand and side by side the job coaches assist the individual with the resume’ writing, job searching and interviewing. After successful employment has been accomplished the job coaches follow the individual to help the employer with training or any other employment challenges that arise to ensure a positive and success employment experience. Currently, the Janus Community Employment Program has partnered with forty one local area businesses. Our community and the individual’s served benefit from a strong and lasting employment relationship.  





Community Employment Success Story

One of the Janus Employment Specialists, Team Lead Cori Anderson, began working with a client who had not worked since 2014.  Andrew had limited time availability and other restrictions.  Through a very intense and specific job search, Andrew and Cori, were able to secure a stocking position at a Dollar General Store a block away from his home.  This position allows him to have independence with getting himself to and from work.  Andrew has a very supportive work environment with both management and co-workers and learned his new job tasks very quickly.  Andrew overcame his anxiety and nervousness and continues to blossom more in his role each day.