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Work Experience Program

The Work Experience program at Janus provides individuals the opportunity to explore and develop abilities in a work setting that matches their needs and interests.  All individuals in the program are paid for the work they complete and feel a sense of accomplishment for their work.  Businesses that partner with Janus enjoy cost savings, timely completion of top quality products and a flexible work force.

Program Choices include:

Contract Manufacturing - Product assembly, mailing, machine operation, sorting, labeling and packaging

Hidden Talents - Creative and artistic products designed and crafted for sale at various locations

Capabilities Cafe and Catering - Customer service, food safety and preparation, cash register operation and catering Janus Community Luncheons.  Capabilities Cafe's are located at the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center and Janus Developmental Services, Inc.




Work Experience Success Story

Shandi was recently awarded the Work Experience Standard of Excellence at the 2019 Janus Awards Banquet.  The Staff selected Shandi based on how much she blesses and enriches their lives, not just how hard she works and how many goals she reaches.   

Shandi is a born entertainer. She keeps staff laughing and smiling every day.  Her love of music is the first thing that comes to mind when describing her. Shandi loves to sing and dance. She acts out scenes and songs from her favorite Disney movie, Mama Mia, and knows a huge number of Golden Oldie tunes.  She can have you laughing hysterically one minute and bring you to tears the next.

Shandi and her family love the opportunities Janus has provided to Shandi.  She earns a paycheck at Janus and enjoys the friendships of other clients and staff.