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Work Experience Program

The Work Experience program at Janus provides individuals the opportunity to explore and develop abilities in a work setting that matches their needs and interests.  All individuals in the program are paid for the work they complete and feel a sense of accomplishment for their work.  Businesses that partner with Janus enjoy cost savings, timely completion of top quality products and a flexible work force.

Program Choices include:

Contract Manufacturing - Product assembly, mailing, machine operation, sorting, labeling and packaging

Hidden Talents - Creative and artistic products designed and crafted for sale at various locations

Capabilities Cafe and Catering - Customer service, food safety and preparation, cash register operation and catering Janus Community Luncheons.  Capabilities Cafe's are located at the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center and Janus Developmental Services, Inc.



Work Experience Success Story



Luther is a young man with a bright smile and a kind disposition. Because of the severity of his disability, Luther has limited verbal ability, and must complete normal day to day tasks such as getting to the lunch table, completing personal hygiene activities, and traveling to work in a wheelchair. Luther meets normal day to day challenges while living with profound disabilities. Even with these severe challenges, Luther lives with assistance in HIS home and attends the Work Experience training program at Janus Development Services. Luther enjoys his work day because of the opportunity to interact with his friends, eat lunch, and just enjoy some valuable time with others. Luther’s residential staff members explain that coming to Janus provides Luther with a meaningful day that enables him to access his community and to live life with joy. For those living with severe disabilities, simple life experiences are truly valued and treasured. Luther is an incredible testament to the power of resiliency of the human spirit. Janus Developmental Services, Inc. is proud to provide meaningful services to Luther and others.