Janus is supported by federal grants, foundation and corporate donations and from people just like you!  Without your continued support many of the programs we have been able to develop would not be in existance today.  Thank you for your generosity!


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Janus's Corporate donor, Kenneth Hahn (Ken) from Metro Plastics, has signed up to run the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis in November.  He would like to have a reason to run and his reason is Janus! 

Please support Ken by clicking HERE!

"Being able to have some association with Janus has been a blessing to me in so many ways.  Listening to the stories they share about their clients at the many events held throughout the year brings their purpose closer to our hearts.   Their openness has touched many lives over the years and they continue to inspire everyone over and over again. 

Being able and to have the  physical ability to train, compete and run a marathon at the age of 50 is a blessing, but it takes resources.  Time, money, doctors, trainers, food and shoes, Lots of shoes!  Without these resources I would not be able to attempt something like running 26.2 miles.

Janus clients also have amazing abilities and amazing work ethics.  For the ones that work in the community I can honestly say they have some of the most tireless drive and passion for  the work they do. The standard they set raises the bar and becomes a role model for all the workers in the community.

Janus Services provide their clients job coaching when they go out into the work force.  A coach that will be by their side day in and day out making sure the proper training and resources are available to help them apply this drive and talent towards success. Sometimes a week or two of coaching is all that is required.  Often time it takes more time, possibly 6 months to a year to get everything ironed out to make a successful transition to working and competing for jobs in our community. 

As an employer hiring a client of Janus for an open position there are certain things you can count on.  You can count on Janus being behind the prospective employee 110%. If the job training  and coaching takes 30 hours a week, for 6 months, Janus’s staff will be there for that support.  The employer doesn’t pay a dime for that additional coaching and support. Its provided at no cost by Janus and insures that any and all barriers to success are given full attention.  This cost to Janus is substantial and it is a variable burden that cannot just be budgeted for and funds raised to support the effort.

Like running a marathon at 50, job coaching for Janus’s clients takes resources. I will be healthier for running 26.2 miles and its my hope that Janus can be healthier too. They urgently need resources to help continue the tireless work of providing opportunities and support for their clients.  I urge you to help Janus’s efforts directly by donating to this run and putting an extra hand behind them to help push them along a race that is far bigger and harder than any challenge that will ever be set before me."   

Kenneth Hahn



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